We have made it easy for you to locate a form when you need to submit something official to St. Louis USBC.

Most completed forms we receive are for 300 games, 800 series.

But did you know that you can submit a name for nomination to the St. Louis USBC Hall of Fame? Or how about a youth bowler wanting to go to college? We have scholarships available and an easy application for your to fill out.

Maybe you want to become more involved in the adminstration of our sport. Apply for a position on the Board of Directors, the application is below.

Come back soon to this page - we'll soon be announcing the day and location of the annual St. Louis USBC Association Dinner which features induction of new Hall of Fame members, Bowlers of the Year and a whole lot more!


Association Manager Job Notice
Association Manager Application
St. Louis USBC Hall of Fame Application
Hall of Fame Application Revised 2/8/15
Scholarship Application
2020 Scholarship Application Form
Garry Helferstay Scholarship
The Gary Helferstay Scholarship is available to Youth Bowlers from St. Louis Assn. and St. Charles Assn. but is administered by a committee that is independent and free-standing from either association.

Bowler of the Year Nominaton
Bowler of the Year Application
St. Louis USBC Board of Directors Application
St Louis USBC Director Application
Achievement Applications
Honor Score App
11 in a row application
Adult Sport AchievementSport Honor Score
Youth Honor Application
Membership Application
Adult Membership Application
Youth Membership Application
League Application
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